A personal e-commerce with real people

Olssons was an early adopter of e-commerce, however, there was a clear vision of the initiative from the outset. And, of course, the keywords “user-friendly” and “personal” have proven to be a winning concept in this context. Today seventy percent of all sales occur via the Internet and the online store is one of the world’s easiest to use online stores for spare parts on the heavy side.

Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, German and English
At the present time, we have around 30,000 items in stock and anyone who places their order before 3 p.m. can generally expect to receive their goods on the following day. In addition to Swedish, the e-store is available in Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, German and English. For deliveries outside of Sweden, you should add a few days to the delivery date. In spite of the ambitious e-commerce initiative, we have always been careful to retain personal contact; there should always be a real person to turn to if anything is unclear or you feel uncertain.
- The basis of customer contact is and has always been through our in-house sales staff. They have extensive knowledge of our range and can when necessary guide customers right,” says CEO Olle Olsson.

The catalogue is alive!
Before the e-store was a fact, all the spare parts were collected in a printed catalogue, which added more and more pages every year. For many years, the catalogue from Olssons i Ellös was considered a bible in the industry. When the very last catalogue was published in 2005 the page count was nearly two thousand.
- There are still customers who have that last edition and like to place their orders based on it. Then it is good that we are only a telephone call away.


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