BM Volvo 350 Boxer – renovation in progress

With manufacturing number 1003, it’s clear that the Bolinder Munktell built tractor from 1959 is a very early gem, more specifically the third in order. It’s now time to breathe some new life into it and preferably as close to the original condition as possible.

The worn Boxer came into the possession of Olssons i Ellös in the spring of 2019.
“It was my indoor bandy pal Ted who owned it. He wanted to sell and asked me if I was interested and I jumped at the chance directly,” relates Olssons i Ellös CEO Olle Olsson who saw both the sentimental value and the attention value in the old Boxer.
“When the renovation work is complete the idea is to exhibit it together with the ‘tractor that doesn’t exist’,” he reveals and refers to the future vision of a Volvo BM that Olssons built a few years ago.

Original condition is the goal
The Boxer is to be completely renovated and Tommy Abrahamsson, ordinarily a service technician at Olssons, is responsible for the project. He has renovated tractors before, but now he can focus on his hobby at least partly during paid work hours.
“Sure, I like my job,” laughs Tommy.
The aim is for the Boxer to be restored to its original condition as far as possible, even if the ravages of time have not been kind to it, when the whole tractor was dismantled it became apparent that certain parts would be difficult to save, for example, the rear fenders and the floor.

The renovation work began in the autumn of 2019. The unique original engine was dismantled and sent for renovation. The crankshaft followed to the same place to be reground. At home in the workshop in Ellös, Tommy concentrates on the brakes and the leaking rear axle. The brake shafts have been resealed and the brake linings replaced while the drums were in very good condition. The rear axle has new gaskets. Next in line is the power take-off, where the plates and lip seals will be replaced. The front has been repaired and straightened by a sheet metal worker and at the time of writing the fuel pump has been sent for renovation.

We will follow the work...
This is a major renovation project and many tasks remain before this BM Volvo 350 Boxer with manufacturing number 1003 will be returned to its original condition. We are writing now in April 2020 and will update the text as we progress.

FACTS BM Volvo 350 Boxer
Manufacturer: AB Bolinder-Munktell. Eskilstuna.
Year of manufacture: 1959-1967
Number of tractors manufactured: 26,815.
Number manufactured industry, 3501: 1224
Number manufactured 350PKD: 400. Number manufactured units to ÖSA, Livab and Lundbergs: about 10,000
Engine: Three cylinder water-cooled 1113TR-diesel
Cylinder volume: 3.78 litres
Engine power: 56 horsepower
Gearbox: 10 forward/2 reverse
Wheelbase: 2.30 metres
Length: 3.57 metres
Height at radiator: 1.52 metres
Width: 1.77 metres
Diesel tank: 65 litres
Tyres front: 7.50-18, standard
Tyres rear: 12.4/11-38, standard
Weight: 2.4 tonnes

Source: Traktor Power


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