Purchase Guide

Product menu
You will find the product menu at the top of the home page. Select vehicle type direct (tractor, wheel loader, tractor backhoe, dumper, excavator or other vehicle) or choose Spare Parts or Equipment.

In the search field you can search for parts of or complete part names, part numbers as well as reference numbers. Enter the name or number of the part you’re looking for (uppercase or lowercase, it’s not case sensitive) and then click search. Click on the name or number of each part to see all information about the part.

Click on BUY next to the required part. The part has been placed in your cart. If you already know an item’s part number, you can use the feature Add by part number. The feature can be found in the cart. Enter the part number and click Enter or the plus icon and the part will be placed in your cart. Use the plus and minus buttons if you wish to adjust the number. The Cart is always found at the top right. If you click on the cart, it opens and you can add and remove parts from your order. You can even change the number of parts already added.

If you have signed in, you can create shopping lists. This is done via the Quick order button in the top right. 

Once you are satisfied with your order, you Proceed to Checkout. If you already have an account and have not signed in yet it’s time to do this now. If you do not have an account, choose New customer and click on New customer. Please enter the requested information. If you would like to create an account check, I would like to create an account.  Check that all the details are correct, then accept the purchase terms and privacy policy. Click Confirm order. You will then receive an order confirmation, which will also be sent to the email address you have specified.

Reading from file
Produce a file containing part numbers and quantities from your business system and load it directly into your cart. You can find the feature by clicking Quick order next to the Cart button. Follow the on-screen instructions. 

- Part numbers and quantities must be separated by a comma.
- One part per row.

CH-BE, 1

- File format should be .csv or .txt.

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